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Canadian inventory see below.

This list will be updated as soon as container arrives May, 2020

Vajda Sprint Canoe and Kayaks in Canada

SPRINT KAYAKS  (all prices in CAD)

1 -K1 ACE  Small -World Cup Const. – white with pink and blue detail -$3500 

2 -K1 ACE Small- Sport Const. -Red  $2700 

3-K1 2020 APEX L ELITE const. carbon with yellow bow $4600

4-K1 2020 APEX M, World Cup const. Carbon w turquoise tip $3800

5-K1 2020 NEW SUPERSONIC L Sport const. white with blue $3000 

6-K1 Supersonic II XL- WC Const. clear carbon/orange/blue-demo-$3000

7-K1 APEX Yurenia L Elite Const.  Carbon with white deck strip, $4600

8-K1 APEX Yurenia XL World Cup Const. Carbon w turquoise strip $3800

9-K1 Minisonic Vajda- white- $1150

10-K1 Minisonic Vajda- white- $1150

11-K2 Kape mini, Extra lay-up white with blue $1800

12-K4 Kape mini, Extra lay-up, white with blue $4850

13-K4 Kape mini, Extra lay-up, white with red $4850



1-C1 APEX M Sport Const.  Blue hull yellow stripe $3050

2-C1  KAPE Joker, Extra lay-up – $2750

3-C1 KAPE Joker, Extra lay-up – $2750



1 -K1 ApeX 46 M- Sport Const. -White with blue swirls -$2700 CAD (2019)

2 -K1 ApeX 46 L -Club Const. -Blue – $2400 CAD (2019)

3- K1 Voyageur L – Sport Const. white w teal stripe – $3000 CAD (2020)

4 -K1 ApeX 40 L – Sport Const. white and orange – demo- $2400 CAD (2019)

5-K1 ApeX 40 M – World Cup Const. Blue $3300 CAD (2019)

6-C1 Kape Joker – Extra lay-up White w red. $2750 (2020)


Vajda Surfskis in Canada

1-Next 52 Elite Const. clear carbon- $3950 CAD

2-Next 43 Elite Const.  clear carbon- orange-blue – $3950 CAD

3-Next 46 Elite Const. clear carbon – blue green – $3950 CAD

4-Next 43 Elite Const. clear carbon lt. green-green- demo -$3400 CAD

5-Makai 43 Elite Const. grey and orange $4350.00 CAD

6-Makai 48 Elite Const. grey and yellow $4350.00 CAD

7-Hawx 46 Sport Cont. white w orange demo- $1800 CAD